Hi Uma,

> [Uma]: SRH in the proposal not only put a sort of mobility solution (encoded
> in the SID) but also use to guide the packet through non shortest path from
> the source as needed and as listed in the SRH.
It would be nice to have a concrete example of how this would be used
and how SR uniquely solves the problem.

>                One of the assumption, I saw the discussion here, ILA and
> 5GIP seems to assume delivering the packet to the shortest path but this may
> not be necessary the case for lot of 5G slices and also tunneling in couple
> of cases is unavoidable (if you ought to overlay IPSec in few cases).
I believe you could get the same effect for either ILA or
encapsulation by doing hop-by-hop routing over a network overlay. As I
mentioned, the operation in slide "Basic Mode User-Plane Flows
(Uplink)" where A3::1 is written into the destination seems to be
doing just that.


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