- Migration to template style which is something Charlie has discussed before.

- Notation updates to streamline the information model.  It's a bit of a 
balance between too verbose with lots of implications and overly explanatory.  
We're looking at using a style that eliminates the need to talk about 
id/type/value in the model all of the time.

- A generalization of the template style and process so that it is straight 

- Use cases, use cases, use cases. This includes showing or at least being 
confided we can show the information models for
> session initiation
> added resource (dedicated bearers in the LTE world but essentially dividing 
> traffic by a rule and sending it through a different set of resources)
> solicitation for rules from the client for traffic that arrives at a DPN and 
> the DPN has no rules to deal with the traffic
> embedded rules (lots of discussion on this)
> the ugliest use case we can find - VoLTE (pre-configuring dynamically 
> constructed rules for hot standby and then selecting them later) which uses 
> SDP to drive the rules
> parent context and how it helps in some of these use cases

- short discussion on having a richer update model similar to YANG-Patch (RFC 
8072) which has insert, merge, move, replace & remove instaed of just 'update'. 
 Also being a patch method it allows us to skinny down communications but none 
of this has been decided yet.

In theory this is all about Section 4 (except the last item) but the 
implication is a streamlined protocol model


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Lyle, that sounds good.
What does update the document? Is there anything the call outcomes? Some brief 
minutes would help people to find out the points for the updates.


> 2018/02/13 11:00、Bertz, Lyle T [CTO] <>のメール:
> All,
> I sent out invites for FPC meetings for 1 hour daily at 9 am CST a  few weeks 
> ago.  We are cancelling tomorrow’s meeting so that we can focus on document 
> updates.
> Thanks!
> Lyle
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