This message contains a list of substantial comments received for 
draft-ietf-dmm-ondemand-mobility. These comments were received on the DMM 
mailing list, during DMM WG session and via other email exchange. They are 
ordered from most resent to older ones:

*        Provide on the mailing list, a list of use-cases for each address type

*        Add the Graceful-replacement address type

*        Select alternative for resolving the need to maintain the non-blocking 
nature of setsockopt() - add the setsc() function

*        Do not use setsockopt() in a way that blocks the invoking thread until 
a prefix is allocated by the network.

*        Add coding example to the draft

*        Merge with I-D.sijeon-dmm-use-cases-api-source

*        Remove the text indicating source IP address allocation by the 
network. Leave only source IP prefix allocation.

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