I submitted a bug report as suggested.


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> On 19/09/16 22:53, Edward Bartolo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If DNG administrators consider this email not appropriate for the
>> list, please delete it.
>> A kernel error is requesting me to upgrade my HP Probook 4540s UEFI.
>> The error involves the i915 graphics driver. On another laptop, the
>> one on which I coded simple-netaid, i915 failed to turn on the
>> backlight for a whole year. However, at that time I found a workaround
>> using a kernel parameter. I wish I find another kernel parameter that
>> prevents the current error. Since DNG is read by many who may have
>> used kernel parameters to override sloppy firmware implementations, I
>> am posting here for some help.
> This is really the wrong place. You want to be reaching out to the i915
> developers at : dri-de...@lists.freedesktop.org
> It's not insisting you upgrade UEFI, it's attempting to say "Your BIOS
> has mis-programmed the GPU. Maybe if you are lucky your vendor might
> have a newer BIOS that does not do dumb stuff, so try upgrading".
> My overall experience with this has been that in general the Windows
> drivers don't care about the issue or else the BIOS would not have made
> release, so your chances of a viable update are slim to none. Approach
> the guys who actually write the driver and give them some useful
> information to work with, and you might be pleasantly surprised with a
> workaround or fix.
> Brad
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