Given that little has been mentioned abot vdev lately, I thought to drop this FYI to report were I am at on this.

Basically, my vdev packaging project reached it's first milestone some two weeks ago, of being installable and usable on Devuan 1.0.0 beta. That means, that if you have a Devuan 1.0.0 beta, you can install the packages for using vdev, but, by including a handy script, you can alternate between it and the original udev (with reboot in between).

Thus, it doesn't fully commit to using vdev by replacing udev.

I believe these packages will be included in "unstable" soonish. Until then you'll have to do manual download and install from

Now I'm looking towards the next generation of vdev. The vdev software is complete in terms of machinery, but incomplete in terms of dealing with the full range of possible devices. In particular, it doesn't do usb_modeswitch for modem dongles, and it doesn't know much about scanners. About half of the udev deal with those.

To that end, I've been exploring the udev rule set in Devuan 1.0.0 beta. There are nearly 2800 different rules, with many rules specific for particular devices, and some rules spanning ranges of devices. However, there are only a handful of different "actions" happening for them, including both the installation into the /dev tree with appropriate mode settings, and some initial device control.

I intend to "compile" that into vdev by separating out the classification aspect, so as to install that directly into the hwdb properties. Then I'll add the few additional vdev actions needed based on those hwdb properties.

That should cater for most of the possible devices. The compilation work will be done by scripting under manual guidance, simply because there are too many variations in the udev rule authoring to allow a fully automated process. (For some of them you really need to hold your breath while processing them)

In practice, it'll mean to produce additional input files to the hwdb generation, with additional properties for devices as identified by the hwdb key.

Realistically I won't have this ready until late October. Until then, all and any feedback on the current packages is appreciated.

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