This is a bit off-topic but I wanted to record it here should anyone else run 
across this bug that chrome/chromium devs have intentionally inflicted on their 

This saga began when I purchased my first webcam - a Logitech C270 - a few 
weeks ago. It took a little fiddling with .asoundrc to get the audio working - 
thanks archwiki! After that tweak, everything seemed to work.  Cheese was good. 
 Hangouts worked just fine on FF.  But nothing would activate video on (or hangouts) on chromium even though the settings correctly 
identified the camera and it was definitely "live".

I finally connected with one of the devs on freenode#jitsi. At first he was 
stumped.  But then he suggested I try appending #config.resolution=360 to the url.  

Bingo! Reducing the resolution allowed the camera to function even though it 
had the capability for 720p.

He pointed me to this old chrome/chromium wontfix bug:

Note this bug also prevents hangouts from working on chromium and the above 
hack didn't work for me.  So much for backwards compatibility . . .

Would be nice if the jitsi folks added the hack into their code but I'm not 
holding my breath.  These days google is pretty much of a lost cause . . .

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