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On 10/17/2016 12:29 PM, Adam Borowski <> wrote:
On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 08:58:28AM +0100, KatolaZ wrote:
>On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 11:05:54AM +0800, Robert Storey wrote:
> >I've introduced Devuan to a friend who is not (yet) an accomplished Linux
> >geek, but he's been learning very fast. He's not real well-off financially,
> >so his two computers are old i386 laptops donated by friends.
> >
> >devuan_jessie_1.0.0-beta_i386_CD.iso
>which CPU is that old laptop you are trying to boot from? AFAIK
>Devuan/Debian is compiled for i686, which means it would require at
>least a Pentium Pro/Pentium III.
That's unstable; for jessie the minimum requirement for i386 is 586.

Yes..., but it really depends on the version of the kernel.

4.7.x uses i686 and i686-pae, and 3.16.x uses i586 and i686-pae

The trouble might be also in the phisical address extension (PAE), if the computer hasn't this feature.


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