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> I realize you just released Jessie Devuan --
> and I also realize how difficult the task was;
> but are is there a target date for a Devuan Stretch version?

The way I understand is that Debian Jessie (a comic character) matches thr
Devuan Jessie (astronomical name for an actual solar object). Ascii is stretch
free of systemd and ceres is buster free of systemd. At least most of the
pkg versions seem to match. It is just that ascii is not labeled stable yet, 
all. I am running ceres and openbox on amd64 as I write, if I face any breakage
I will report here from my OpenRC Manjaro 17.02 Linux 4.12.2

> It would be good to not be too far behind the Debian
> curve; if possible.

Nobody has prevented anyone to contribute in speeding up the process as
I understand it. I wish I knew enough to assist. I am just a tester.

> I just don't know if the dates/plan is already laid out and if it may be 
> easier
> now that everything has been gone through at least once, for Devuan Jessie.

At least, as a newbie, this is what I understand so far, please correct me,
I hate being under misconceptions.
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