On Sat, 05 Aug 2017, goli...@dyne.org wrote:

> On 2017-08-05 09:30, goli...@dyne.org wrote:
> > Trying to get it back up either on current server or elsewhere.
> > Timezone challenges are not helping.  It will be back up when it's up
> > . . .
> WE'RE BACK UP!  Host finally got it straightened out.  We hope to move
> dev1galaxy to a dyne server soon which should be more reliable and
> accessible to manage.

Thanks for the updates golinux! I confirm the new servers we are
setting up for dyne.org operations are online in the racks - folkloric
detail, they were brought there by bike! the Dutch 'bakfiets'

We'll run a few tests and finalise the installations, then we'll be
happy to move all community-built services that needs better hosting
on this dyne.org foundation new infrastructure, which is kindly
provided by the Waag Society in Amsterdam, partner in the DECODE

Please note this is not to be confused with Devuan's own
infrastructure, which is currently hosted by Nextime and will be
extended with other servers too, paid by the donations we are getting


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