On 02.02.18 17:32, Joel Roth wrote:
> Probably you all have something much better, but for the 
> sake of discussion, and will post my humble offering. 

Not better, but a data point for anyone else backing up to a flash drive,
which is convenient for the off-site backup. Rsync compares checksums
between source and destination, reprocessing a single write fail, and
erroring on a second. BUT, if the flash drive has bit drop-outs after
time, then that isn't detectable by rsync. Files not updated in a
subsequent backup remain corrupted, and any updated are simply
overwritten, and liable to repeated bit loss.

OK, I've only ever had one flash drive which started to lose bits (in 
6% of files before I detected it), but my backup script now does a
diff -qr on the backup after the rsync. It's a bit time consuming, but
you don't have to watch it.

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