On Sun, Feb 04, 2018 at 03:45:57PM +0800, Yevgeny Kosarzhevsky wrote:
> I have updated system today and 3.20180108.1 ->
> 3.20180108.1+really20171117.1 and it caused following issue with my hard
> drive.
> These messages were appearing every few seconds and after a while the
> system has been hung.
> I have rolled back intel-microcode and iucode-tool to previous versions and
> it is back to normal now.

That's very interesting as the update you mention _is_ a rollback away from
a known-broken version.  The maintainer (hmh) might want to hear about this.

Although, it's likely there's nothing hmh can do about your problem: the
microcode comes as an opaque blob with no source or documentation.

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