Congrats on the release of ASCII beta today.

In my testing, I am finding that Xfce 4.12 no longer appears capable of
working nicely with my Xorg Zphod heads mode setup.  I do have the
separate screens and desktops and panels for each, but when I launch an
Xfce Terminal on Screen 1, it is opened on Screen 0.  Some apps launched
on Screen 1 do display on Screen 1, but it just seems to depend on the
app.  It's likely that I don't know (or forgot) all of the mechanisms
involved with apps displaying on a given screen/desktop.

I've been using the Zaphod heads mode for a number of years with two
monitors and two independent desktops (one for each with four workspaces
on each desktop).  This is a workflow that is essential for the way I
use this desktop computer.  I recall this has worked without issue since
at least Debian 6 series through Devuan Jessie.

Does anyone have any ideas before I move this upstream?

- Nate


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