Please don''t let the Grouch break up your valentine party but would anyone 
care to elaborate on the following scenario?

We have Joe, Jill, Jack, and Mindy.
Joe  is running Wheezy and converts to Ascii
Jill is running Devuan 1 Jessie and converts to ascii
Jack is running Stretch and converts to Ascii
and finally Mindy just installs Ascii-beta-2.0

Don't ask me, I have been running ascii for a quite a while now and my 
experience with Jessie has been from first boot to the second.  And I have run 
OpenRC and eudev ever since they appeared in experimental.

All four of the above have same packages installed in the versions that they 
exist in those 4 situations.

1   Is the end product different?
2   Should the end product be different.
3   The packages that are available and keep upgrading in the debian branch of 
merged, do they appear to all four of them as they do in the debian repository? 
 In other words If you add debian stretch to the repositories the versions "in 
merged ascii" and in stretch should be the same. right?  Live at any given 
minute?  That is what amprolla3 is doing, right?
Are they?

Because as per a couple of hours ago it seems as I have been exposed to this 
amprolla3 for 4-5 months now, without knowing, and although I run about the 
same stuff on a test debian isntallations, pkgs there rain down to the level of 
about 20-30/day, while ascii has been pretty inactive in terms of upgrades.  So 
what exactly is merged with devuan?

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 On February 14, 2018 11:44 PM, Steve Litt <> wrote:

>On Wed, 14 Feb 2018 10:48:20 +0100
> Veteran Unix Admins wrote:
>>Dear dev1rs
>>the Veteran Unix Admins salute you!
>>On February 14th 2015, Devuan unveiled a "pre-alpha" Valentine release
>> of Devuan Jessie [1] just a few months after the Veteran Unix Admins
>> declared their intention to fork Debian on November 27th 2014 [2].
>> That was the beginning of our collective journey. Now, three years
>> later, Valentine's day has more love for the Devuan community.  The
>> long-awaited release of Devuan 2.0 ASCII Beta (minor planet nr. 3568)
>> is here!
>>So what's new in Devuan 2.0 ASCII Beta?
>> - OpenRC is installable using the expert install path
>> (thanks Maemo Leste!)
>> - eudev has replaced systemd-udev (thanks Gentoo!)
>> - elogind has been added as an alternative to consolekit
>> (thanks Gentoo!)
>> - Desktop users can choose among fully functional XFCE (Default), KDE,
>> Cinnamon, LXQT, MATE, and LXDE desktops
>> - CLI-oriented users can select the "Console productivity" task that
>> installs a fully-featured set of console-based utils and tools.
>> - A .vdi disk image is now provided for use with VirtualBox.
>> - ARM board kernels have been updated to 4.14 and 4.15 for most
>> boards.
> Holy cow, you're leaving Debian behind. Our own udev and consolekit
> replacements! Very, very nice!
> SteveT
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