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Surely you can connect shell scripts to icons.

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    > See http://www.glennklockwood.com/hpc-howtos/process-affinity.html
    I have previously used taskset and also read that article but I do not
    want to launch every program manually, I want to click an icon and
    it assigned to cores in a module aware manner.

    Or edit the command line in the launcher.
Yes of course - but I have 16 cores and I want the most efficient option to be chosen depending on how many tasks I have running (AMD really should have added this to the kernel scheduler)

On a 16 core opteron 63xx Turbo 2 is 4 cores from each NUMA node (there are two, 1 per 8 cores), so if you have for instance 4 tasks with 8 threads then there should be 4 threads on node 0 and 4 on node 1 to envoke turbo 2, allocated properly on to the module CPU pairs.
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