I did some more tweaking, and basically it looks like I have to set the hard limit higher as well as the soft limit, in /etc/security/limits.conf

The hard limit in Debian must be set higher somewhere else, because you don't have to set that one in the same file normally.

Thanks for your assistance.

On 02/03/18 21:28, KatolaZ wrote:
On Fri, Mar 02, 2018 at 02:13:15PM +1300, Patrick Dunford wrote:
No red flags for any of that stuff

On a Debian Buster VM where the increased file limit put into limits.conf
obviously works, the result of ulimit -n comes out the same 1024 as on my
Devuan VM.

The subtleties of why one distro would use one mechanism and a similar one a
different mechanism (apparently) are all the things that frustrate people
like me :)

The thing is that I guess Devuan ASCII has not (willingly) changed any
default in that respect, so the same problem might be present in
debian stretch.

This post:


suggests that libpam-systemd seems to ignore /etc/security/limits.conf
by default. The easy way to check is by logging in from a tty, and
looking at:

  $ ulimit -n

I tried it now, setting nofile to 20000, and it correctly shows the
new value. Which polkit backend are you using? We might have inherited
an unwanted behaviour in libpam-elogind, possibly.



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