Patrick Dunford wrote on 02.03.2018 13:45:
> I did some more tweaking, and basically it looks like I have to set the hard 
> limit higher as well as the soft limit, in /etc/security/limits.conf
> The hard limit in Debian must be set higher somewhere else, because you don't 
> have to set that one in the same file normally.

That is consistent with my own observations. On my desktop ASCII 
machine the hard limit for nofile appeared to be set to an arbitrary 
limit of 4096. Unfortunately I, too, have no clue by what mechanism 
this limit is pre-configured.

Note, however, that you can set both the hard and soft limits to 
the same value simultaneously in /etc/security/limits.conf by using 
a '-' (hyphen) in the <type> field (second column); for example:

<username> - nofile 32000

Best regards
Sapere aude!
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