On 2018-03-02 04:55, Antony Stone wrote:
On Friday 02 March 2018 at 11:26:39, KatolaZ wrote:

Most of those "alarming" files are just systemd units files, put there
by daemons/packages/utilities who "also" support systemd in a way or
another. So they are not alarming but just *totally* *harmless* if you
don't have a running systemd as PID 1, since only systemd understands
and can run them.  It would be *totally* *useless* (and utterly
*stupid* IMHO) to fork, rebuild, and maintain a few more hundred
packages only because they happen to provide a systemd unit file for
those systems where systemd is used.

libsystemd0 is used by some daemons to verify if systemd is running or
not. If it's not, libsystemd is *totally* *harmless*.



P.S.: I guess we should consider including the last two paragraphs
above on www.devuan.org, or put it in the mailing list signature...

Good idea, I think (on the website, anyway; we don't want something that long
on every list posting).


I'm not so sure that the website is an appropriate place for that information. Why? Questions about the presence libsystemd0 would only arise after Devuan is installed so it is more of a support question. A version of of those paras could certainly be on the forum. And including that info in the release notes might also be a good idea.


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