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Jaromil <jaro...@dyne.org> wrote:

> OT: after so many years I reverted to use wmaker as my wm (and it
> makes me happy!) noticing it has no Devuan themeing. In this as in
> other window managers this is a task open for volunteers willing to
> help. Anyone interested is very welcome!

Hi Jaromil,

For fifteen years I've tried, over and over again, to make sense of
WindowMaker. Some folks whose opinions I greatly respect love
Windowmaker. And Windowmaker is low-resource: About as low as Openbox,
according to https://l3net.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/cmp-all4.png .

But I can't make Windowmaker efficient for my workflow and work habits.
I've tried and tried. 

Jaromil, you'd be doing the world a great service if you wrote a
document explaining the mindset one must adopt to make Windowmaker work
for them? How does one best use the paper clip and the Ubuntu Unity
like icons that line up at the screen's edges? How to best handle
window sizing? How to best deal with menus? How to configure your
Windowmaker for best workflow efficiency?

If you do this, I'll be glad to write the part on how to incorporate
Suckless Tools' dmenu into Windowmaker.

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