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Steve, I appreciate your comments but you are really late to this party. The ASCII slim theme was finished in December and the layout and font sizing are identical to the one in Jessie which is about a year ago. The slim panel has also been posted to this list maybe a dozen times in the last year. So the Jessie and ASCII ship have sailed. I'll have a look at enlarging the font when I start on Beowulf but there will be no fussy buttons (for both
technical and aesthetic reasons).

Sorry for interrupting. I am the least "graphically-sensible" here,
but I guess we should try to make the default Devuan desktop as
accessible as possible to visually-impaired users. I have no clue
about how system fonts are managed in XFCE, but it shouldn't be
impossible to have two icons in the default desktop to set the font to
+4 and +8 points. Something we should definitely plan around for
Beowulf, indeed.



The login screen has been in that identical configuration for well over a year (maybe 2) and there has not been one complaint about readability (that has not been addressed). So this is a solution in search of a problem. The slim panel is an image not text so there can be no buttons to increase font size. I can however increase the font size on the image itself.

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