> On 17 Apr 2018, at 06:34, aitor_czr <aitor_...@gnuinos.org> wrote:
> The output of  'lsb_release -a' is defined in the 'base-files'  package. So, 
> for the same version of the package, you should get the same output. The 
> command needs the 'lsb-base' package to work, i think.

I just checked and both machines have both packages installed at the same 

base-files: 9.9+devuan2.3
lsb-base: 4.1+devuan2

I noticed this problem was occurring when I added Devuan support to the 
official nodejs installer script which relies on output of “lsb_release -c -s”.

Running that command on the devuan2 machine will return “ascii” while running 
it on devuan1 returns “n/a”.

I’ve also seen other people on the nodejs bug report having the same issue 
while attempting to install nodejs on ascii.


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