Thank you for your reply. I should have started by RTFM (or in this case, 
reading the release notes). I walked away from the computer for two days and on 
the third day followed the documentation, behold, X ascended to F7 and played 
nice with screen & byobu & all of the virtual terminals. I should not have 
assumed that I understood it before.  I'm also impressed with the boot up time. 
For me it is just over 10 seconds from selecting to grub entry to login prompt. 
The Devuan developers and the community is doing a wonderful job. And Thank You 
again for your patience. There is much rejoicing in the household today.

10.06.2018, 11:55, "KatolaZ" <>:
> On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 11:15:18AM -0500, Peter Vachuska wrote:
>>  I really wish I had paid more attention to this thread and others warning 
>> about the changes to X before attempting to upgrade to ascii. My preferred 
>> way of working is out of a console running byobu and GNU screen and starting 
>> X only when needed. This no longer works as both screen and X use virtual 
>> terminals and instead of X starting on F7-F9, it is on F1; so that the 
>> console terminal is unusable. So after hours of frustration yesterday trying 
>> to get ascii working, I gave up and today reinstalled jessie only to find 
>> that xserver-xorg-legacy had been removed from the available packages; so I 
>> had the same problem. I had been using Devuan jessie for months and was very 
>> happy with it. (I should remember not to try to fix things that are not 
>> broke.) Fortunately, I had an old Debian wheezy installation which I'm now 
>> using.
>>  While any suggestions would be appreciated, I'm mostly just venting 
>> frustration. I know that my setup is atypical and console users won't 
>> influence the direction of X. Still....
> Dear Peter,
> please have a look at the ASCII Release Notes:
> which provide an explanation of the whole matter and of the
> solutions available in Devuan ASCII. I understand the frustration, but
> the best way to get out of it is to do something to solve the
> problem. Whatever you can.
> Devuan has proven that we are all potential Devuan developers. This is
> exactly what happened with elogind, just to make an example. It was
> pushed into reality within a couple of months by the stubborness and
> committment of a few fellow devuaner. Each of them put what they had
> (knowledge, time, patience, attention to detail, etc.), and the result
> is that we all can choose among more DE alternatives in Devuan ASCII.
> Devuan is really what we want it to become.
> HH
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