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Subject: [DNG] udisks2 - who uses it? (not a poll)

In ascii, udisks2 has been devuanized to remove a dependency on libpam-systemd (and maybe libsystemd0, too.)

The version of udisks2 in beowulf is very old compared to what's in buster.

The version in buster depends on libpam-systemd OR libpam-elogind. (Also libsystemd0 OR libelogind0) Since we have libpam-elogind and libelogind0 in the repos, we don't really need to devuanize udisks2 anymore. Do we?

Does anyone use udisks2 who doesn't want libpam-elogind or libelogind0 with it?

fsmithred (looking to reduce the work load)

I use udisks2, but I also use libpam-elogind and libelogind0

Right now I am needing this update to install other packages.

Best Regards

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