On 30/12/2019 21:53, fsmithred via Dng wrote:
On 12/29/19 10:46 PM, tom wrote:

I know Devuan has been pretty much more or less 'to create a binary
compatible Debian but without systemd', but at what point would it be
determined that the best course of action may be to leave Debian behind
and continue our own way? Probably won't happen any time soon due to
manpower issues but it's worth thinking about.

One way to measure that might be to see if we start falling farther behind debian. Right now, we're still catching up.

Jessie was 2 years late.
Ascii was 1 year late.
Beowulf is 6 months late.

Measured against any government contract work, this could only be called hugely positive in terms of progress and catching up!

Any talk of switching our base is premature.


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