Dear dev1ers,

The Devuan 3 Beowulf Beta release is now ready for review. The installer isos,
desktop-live and minimal-live isos can be downloaded from:

### What's new in Beowulf

Changes in su
 - The behavior of su has changed. Use 'su -' to get root's path or use
   the full path to commands if you use only 'su'. See the following for
   more information:

 - If you have no sound, make sure the following line in
   /etc/pulse/client.conf.d/00-disable-autospawn.conf is commented as
   shown here:


 - Note that firefox-esr no longer requires pulseaudio. You can easily
   remove pulseaudio and just use alsa.

Please read the Release Notes for more detailed information:

Install, upgrade and migrate documentation for beowulf and be accessed at: (still a WIP)

Please report any issues you may experience to this list,,
freenode irc #devuan-dev or the forum.

In solidarity,

The Devuan Devs

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