Le 21/05/2020 à 11:39, Dr. Nikolaus Klepp a écrit :
When you take a look at "government media" in EU and Austria in particular you will find 
that there's a bashing of people not conforming with mainstream media. Narrative goes "you do 
not love your goverment, you think there's a hidden agenda, so you belive in UFOs which proofs you 
are right winged". You might think of this as a conspiracy on it's own, even when you find out 
that Boston Consulting runs thinktank of Kurz ... which is definitly a proof that I'm wearing a 
tinfoil head ...

    I'm absolutely sure there's a semi-hidden agenda in the EU and in my own country. It is not explicitely hidden, but the media and the politicians neither display nor discuss it, which let it ignored by most the people. You might get hints by reading the economic press, in which antisocial and antidemocratic plots are discussed shamelessly. What reassures me is that the fraction of idiots amongst the conspirators is not smaller than their fraction in the general population, and therefore they make big mistakes (~:


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