Hi All,

I just wanted to say that the final draft gives me great confidence in the 
"collective discussion on merit" process of the IETF.

The final padding strategy document includes the "no padding" option, and 
relegates it to an appendix, and also includes the "Full Monty" padding (which 
I pushed for the inclusion of) and gives it its place as maximally secure, but 
NOT RECOMMENDED.  This blend of intellectual honesty and practicality must be 
the hallmark for which the IETF strives.

I believe that the end result here shows that this has been achieved.  Well 
done all.  Full consideration of options, with analysis, and the final document 
clearly shows how the technical community have evaluated those options.  
Clarity matters.

I support the publication as EXPERIMENTAL.

  Hugo Connery
Head of IT, DTU Environment, http://www.env.dtu.dk

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