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On 1/2/19 11:32 AM, Tinashe Chikomo wrote:
> I have a Ubuntu 18.04 server running Dnsdist 1.3.3 and am attempting to
> generate the Crypto provider keys and Resolver Certificates using the below:
> https://dnsdist.org/guides/dnscrypt.html?highlight=dnscrypt
> I have run the command
>  “generateDNSCryptProviderKeys("/path/to/providerPublic.key",
> "/path/to/providerPrivate.key")” and the only output I get is the
> provider fingerprint but the actual keys are not added to the location I
> specify. 

What location did you specify? Please remember that the dnsdist process
is very unprivileged and can not write to all directories on the

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