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On 2/26/19 3:58 PM, Martin Toth wrote:
> I just want to ensure myself how NOTIFY distribution in DNSDIST
> exactly works. My setup looks like this - MASTER -> DNSDIST -> SLAVE
> PDNSs (pool of 4 nodes)
> My Question is if MASTER will send NOTIFY to DNSDIST, will DNSDIST
> redistribute these NOTIFY to all SLAVES in DNSDIST backend? How to I
> achieve situation that all slaves in dnsdist backend will be notified
> of zone change on MASTER?

I'm afraid you can't, dnsdist can route a query only to a single
backend, with the exception of the TeeAction, but I would advise against
trying to use it for that case.
Is there a reason your master doesn't speak to the slaves directly?

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