Since version is pre 1.2 syntax is
 setLocal(address[[[, do_tcp], so_reuseport], tcp_fast_open_qsize])

You could try setLocal( "", true,true,100)


Am 2. Mai 2019 19:35:45 MESZ schrieb Casey Deccio <>:
>I'm using dnsdist 1.1.0-2+deb9u1 on Debian.  I get the following error
>when I try to enable TCP Fast Open:
>> setLocal("", { tcpFastOpenSize=100 })
>Unable to convert parameter from no value to N5boost8optionalIbEE
>Any suggestions?
>The answer might be to upgrade, but I've got a running configuration,
>and I'm hoping not to have to change it (for now) if possible, due to
>time constraints.
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