Dear Dnsdist community,

we are trying to setup dnsdist as a loadbalancer for 2 bind recursive cache
only servers,

we have done a very simple setup:
newServer({address=" BIND_IP2"})

but when we test with resperf (from dnsperf tool), the results are very bad
for DNSDIST, around 5-15K QPS , while when we test directly to one of BIND
ip addresses the QPS goes up to 50-60Qps.

we have tried both rpm install of dnsdist, compiling from source and even
comiling the concur version but all with similar results, ie when resperf
tests go through dnsdist the results are much lower in terms of qps.

OS is Centos7 in all servers, tweaked all settings for file limits, udp
connections etc.

any thoughts on what we can do? maybe resperf is not the tool to test this?
do you have some suggetions on how we can test and make sure we are doing
the right thing?

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