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I can confirm that we have the same problems under debian buster  like Chris call “dnsdist 1.4 and Debian buster”. https://mailman.powerdns.com/pipermail/dnsdist/2019-August/000601.html

Thanks for the feedback, this is very helpful to me.

For this issue I have not been able to make any progress yet. I have asked my colleagues for help as I am a network admin by trade, something they found that may be potentially related is this kernel bug:


One of my colleagues also deployed a base install of Debian and did some testing with iperf; apparently he could reproduce the issue without involving PowerDNS at all. From the above link he has adjusted a few things but as of yet the problem hasn't been resolved.

I am wondering if there is a plan for official dnsdist 1.4 packages on Debian Stretch? I am going to need to use that for now as Buster isn't suitable for production in my environment yet.

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