Dear Remi and Group,

this is only partially an dnsdist question, but probably some folks here might 
have looked into this.

1. when trying out dnsmasq/stubby [1],[2] to tstart and later also to talk to a 
DNSdist instance - seems to work fine from a newly rebuilt openwrt 18.06.02
root@OpenWrt:~# stubby
[13:33:12.016680] STUBBY: Read config from file /etc/stubby/stubby.yml
[13:33:12.016787] STUBBY: DNSSEC Validation is OFF
[13:33:12.016794] STUBBY: Transport list is:
[13:33:12.016797] STUBBY:   - TLS
[13:33:12.016800] STUBBY: Privacy Usage Profile is Strict (Authentication 
[13:33:12.016804] STUBBY: (NOTE a Strict Profile only applies when TLS is the 
ONLY transport!!)
[13:33:12.016807] STUBBY: Starting DAEMON....

Question are who is is running this running also with older OpenWRT…

a) does anyone have DNSdist working with a stubby built from a LEDE 17.01 [3] 
b) have you seen a working (and non-performance breakdown) way to install a 
very simple binary openWRT package that allows DNS-over-TLS with DNSdist in a 
silmilarly easy way as https_dns_proxy [3] does?
IIRC it can’t work with DNSdist becasue of DNSdist not supporting 
application/dns-json as content type - or can DNSdist do that by some currently 
not (yet?) published extension/config flag?
c) or is the only way to get this work on LEDE 17.01 using unbound [4] (nothing 
to be said against unbound, except that there might be a simpler way)? 

BR, Normen

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