On 10/5/19 10:40 PM, Christoph wrote:
> we observed an increase in 'Drops' as shown in the output of
> showServers() on a dnsdist DoH server.
> The drops count always used to be at 0 until a few weeks ago.
> We use your master repo packages and update about weekly.
> The amount of queries received and the backend resolvers did not change.
> The amount of Drops  matches the amount of 502 as shown in the output of
> showDOHResponseCodes().
> Has the way how drops are counted changed recently?

No, I don't think we changed anything in that area recently. The drops
counter is the number of queries sent to a backend and for which we did
not get a response fast enough (or at all).
You should be able to use the inspection features of dnsdist to figure
out what is causing these drops, like grepq("3000ms") or topSlow().

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Remi Gacogne
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