Andreas Bach Aaen wrote:

I would like to user dnsmasq as the one part of a PXE server on a network. I would like to pass different options and filenames to clients identified by different MAC addresses. How do I do this?


First, set a tag based on the client's MAC address.


Then, tag the dhcp-boot lines you want sent, like this:


and the options you want to be sent


A few things to note:

1) The syntax for tagging dhcp-boot and dhcp-option is different: the -boot needs "net:" to distinguish the tag from the filename, -option doesn't. Recent versions of dnsmasq will ignore net: if you add it to an -option line, but not earlier ones.

2) The semantics of untagged -option is different from -boot. Untagged options are always sent, untagged -boot is sent only when no tagged one matches.

3) Only one dhcp-host line is ever matched for a given client, so if you're already using dhcp-host to specify fixed addresses or hostnames, you need to add the tag to the existing dhcp-host line. Alternatively, you can match against a wildcarded MAC address using dhcp-mac:


This is useful for matching a large class of hosts, when dhcp-host matcing might already be in use for more specific stuff. dhcp-mac is only available in more recent releases.



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