On 06/11/13 03:38, Jerry wrote:
   I want to run dhcp-helper and dnsmasq at same time in my device which have
multiple bridges. for example, br0 get ip address from DNSMASQ, and br1 get ip
from another dhcp server through dhcp relay.
   There are something happened, I use the -p option in dhcp-helper for
alternative port 1067/1068, but dhcp-helper can't work normally. I try to
redirect port to 1067 in NAT PREROUTING chain, but I can't see the DHCP
DISCOVERY packets at the filter INPUT chain. Where are the packets going?
   How can I let dhcp-helper and dnsmasq coexist in my device?

It's not really possible, which is why a dhcp-relay function was added to the latest dnsmasq release. If you install dnsmasq-2.67, that will let you configure a DHCP-server on one interface, and a DHCP-relay on another, all within the dnmsasq configuration.



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