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Alwas some problems with my /97 prefix ...

on the client side dhclient say the prefix is /64
dhclient hardcode the 64 prefix len :(

Hello finally my configuration dhcpv6 work fine with dibbler-client on
We juste need to add


at the begin of /etc/dibbler/client.conf an no inet6 configuration in

That's useful information, many thanks for persisting with this.

I think the client problem comes from the fact that the prefix length doesn't appear anywhere in the DHPCv6 protocol. A DHCP client has to listen for router advertisments as well to find out what the prefix length should be. I don't understand why the protocol is like that.

Tomasz, who wrote Dibbler, now works for the ISC, so maybe you should ask him to fix dhclient, as he's on the scene, and clearly knows how to do it properly :)



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