>PS. Decoding the logs a bit more, I think there is


>somewhere in your config. (Command-line? included files?)

OK, scratch that. The "PXE" string is the default prompt.

Most likely, as far as I can see, there must be at least one pxe-service config line, for with a CSA which doesn't match the machine you're PXE booting. (You're booting an EFI system, so maybe there's something starting


which won't provide a bootable image to an EFI system.)

If there really isn't such a line, then there's a bug in the code which I can't see from inspection.

A workaround, will be to use full PXE and provide a correct pxe-service line, something like


But note that the PXE system will add ".0" to the filename, so the file on the TFTP server should be renamed




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