On 10/01/14 10:45, Da Zhao Y Yu wrote:
Hi All,

I encountered some problems when use dnsmasq to support IPv6 router

I want to use IPv6 ra-only mode in my openstack environment.

When I run the following dnsmasq command:

/usr/sbin/dnsmasq --no-hosts --no-resolv --strict-order
--bind-interfaces --interface=tapbc4dfa1a-d1 --except-interface=lo
--leasefile-ro --dhcp-range=set:tag0,2001:2011::,ra-only,86400s
--dhcp-lease-max=16777216 --conf-file= --domain=openstacklocal

 From /var/log/messages, I just got the following message:

Jan 10 04:06:57 localhost dnsmasq[26991]: started, version 2.64
cachesize 150
Jan 10 04:06:57 localhost dnsmasq[26991]: compile time options: IPv6
GNU-getopt DBus no-i18n no-IDN DHCP DHCPv6 no-Lua TFTP no-conntrack
Jan 10 04:06:57 localhost dnsmasq[26991]: warning: no upstream servers
Jan 10 04:06:57 localhost *dnsmasq-dhcp[26991]: IPv6 router
advertisement enabled*
Jan 10 04:06:57 localhost* kernel: dnsmasq[26991]: segfault at 0 ip
0000003b12080e1e sp 00007fff17a4d2f8 error 6 in

Who can give me some suggestion about it?

Also when I set the dhcp-modes as static, it is OK,

Would it be possible to try doing the same thing with dnsmasq-2.68, just to save us chasing bugs which are already fixed?

If you see the same problem in 2.68, then doing the following would be useful

1) Build dnsmasq with debugging symbols

cd /path/to/dnsmasq-2.68; make clean; make CFLAGS=-g

2) Run dnsmasq under gdb

gdb /path/to/dnsmasq-2.68/src/dnsmasq

3) Start dnsmasq with command line options you use, but add -d

run -d --no-hosts --no-resolv, .............

4) When the segfault occurs, run print a backtrace:


5) Send the output from the bt command to me and/or/ the list.



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