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The thread mainly focuses on Operating System side of a IPv6 dhclient

But here are other aspects of the issue, more difficult to figure out:

The World of UEFI IPv6 network boot agents residing on a system’s FW
(a.k.a UNDI)

Host Management (BMC’s) that support IPv6

For those two dhclients, an administrator’s nightmare begins in trying
to understand what DUID approach was chosen by the original manufacturer
( the vendor )

And that would only go down the hill if more than one NIC exist in the

Can you please comment on that, knowing what you know on DUID approach

How can a network administrator have control of the IP address
assignment for specific clients, in a DHCP server/dnsmasq config, to
clients of the types I described above

This is just food for thought …

Shai Venter,

NIC FW QA engineer

Mellanox Technologies LTD

The whole DUID approach sucks badly when you want to provision equipment. Most times, even if there's a stable DUID associated with each piece of hardware, there's no way to enumerate that into a provisioning database ahead of actually doing the provisioning. Data-centre jockeys have managed to persuade the builders of blade systems, servers, and storage gear that they need a way to harvest hardware-IDs, after a long struggle, and what they've got is a way to harvest MAC addresses. Therefore you need to be able to provision using MAC addresses.

Note that things are improving with DHCPv6, the latest release of dnsmasq _can_ associate IPv6 addresses with MAC addresses.



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