On 21/02/14 09:07, Nikita N. wrote:
>> All the clients are quite common, and in use all around the world, if 
>> there was a general problem with this, we'd probably have heard about it 
>> by now.
> Hi, well you are hearing it now :)

True, but it's not clear what to do about it. The modification to
dnsmasq which you suggested is a hack, and may well have unexpected
effects which break more installations than it fixes.

>> It seems likely that the problem is something in your network, rather 
>> than the DHCP clients or servers.
> While I was waiting for a feedback, I tried to workaround the issue
> myself.
> I tried to have a look to your code, and understood that maybe also
> there its needed just a flag bit to switch in the kernel.. but didnt
> modify nothing, didnt feel enough skilled to modify your code.. ;)
> Instead I modified the code at transportation layer, the software which
> actually sends the frames up in the air.
> Very simply, I instructed it to duplicate all frames with
> dest=broadcast, setting dest=sta mac.
> It works perfectly with *ALL* my test clients so far, also the ones
> affected by the dhcp-broadcast issue.
> Of course as you can understand by yourself, its a dirty workaround, as
> it works only in very simple cases, e.g. it does *NOT* work in the case
> of multiple concurrent connections.
> So it doesnt seem to me a problem in my network, but rather a glitching
> bug in some wireless drivers..

I'm not clear which simply setting


doesn't do fix this.



> Thanks anyway, and keep on the good job! :)
We're doing our best.

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