On 06/03/14 01:39, Tony Breeds wrote:
Hi All,
         I'm a new user of dnsmasq and I can't see an easy way to do what
I want to do.

My situation is (probably not that uncommon) I need to connect to a work
VPN and while I'm connected to said VPN I need to query work's DNS
servers for company.com addresses but all other queries should go
through my normal (as supplied by DHCP) DNS servers.

I tried adding a config file like:

Now my problem is that if that file exists when dnsmasq starts and my
VPN interface isn't up, dnsmasq prints an error and exits.  This is
especially painful as I'm starting dnsmasq from NetworkManager (by
setting dns=dnsmasq in the NetworkManager config file)

I can run a script that adds and removes the config file on VPN up/down
events but I can't find a way to re-read all the config files for a
running dnsmasq process.

My next thought was to use the dbus interface to "inject" the above
configuration to the running dnsmasq server, but I don't see a syntax
that will remove the configuration when I take down my VPN.

Answering the "how do I remove configuration" question specifically,
You call the DBus method again with a different list. Each time you call the DBus method, all the upstream servers which were installed _by DBus_ are purged,, and the new set installed in their stead.

So any advice? this must be possible, perhaps I just need to be more

Dave, advice is good. Check the Networkmanager docs carefully in case it supports this already. I have a vague feeling but not evidence that it should. I think NM starts dnsmasq with the --bind-interfaces flag. If you can convince it not to do that, you may avoid the error at startup.




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