On 25/04/2014 09:37, David Joslin wrote:
> Hi Kevin and thanks for the help.
Apologies for delay in reply.
> Is it possible to upgrade the dnsmasq version on the router without
> waiting for the author of the tomato firmware to include a later
> version in a release of his firmware (and you mentioned that dnsmasq
> in tomato isn't a clean pull of Simon's release)?
Probably, but as you'd have to cross compile it to MIPS and 'Tomato'
environment you might as well try to rebuild the entire firmware.  I
loosely 'maintain' a shadow of Simon's git repo of dnsmasq with the
Tomato/Asuswrt tweaks here
https://github.com/kdarbyshirebryant/dnsmasq   - No guarantees etc etc,
but I personally try to keep up to date with both 'Merlin's
Asuswrt/rmerlin and put current dnsmasq in there too.
> Why would changing the location of the leasefile to a usb stick make a
> difference? If the issue, as Simon suggests, is caused by the constant
> rewriting of the lease database, then wouldn't its current location
> (which on a router would be RAM) be a faster/better option than a usb
> stick? Or is there another possible issue here that I've missed?
Agree, RAM should be faster but there is a finite amount of it and it's
volatile...I quite like to store the database on something that survives
reboots.  Also, as tomato is compiled with 'no rtc', the code tries to
minimise the number of writes to the leasefile on the basis it thinks it
likely that flash memory is involved, so better to reduce the wear.
> The only recent change I've made to the router was the addition of a
> usb stick as the location for the writing of system logs and bandwidth
> and IP traffic usage logs (so that they weren't lost on a reboot). I
> had wondered if the cause of the problem was related to the speed of
> writing this stuff (which obviously includes dnsmasq logging) to the
> usb stick rather than RAM. That's why I turned off dnsmasq logging at
> one point but it didn't seem to make any difference.
> Thanks again for your help and I'll wait for your comments on the above.
I'm not sure I've helped really.


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