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On 04/05/15 16:10, Lorenzo Milesi wrote:
> hi.
> I'm experiencing a strange issue with dnsmasq 2.68 bundled in Ubuntu 12.04: 
> sometimes my custom DNS records are skipped, and the upstream reply is 
> returned.
> For example I have
> address=/demo.domain.com/
> while from outside the same host is
> If I query the dnsmasq dns server with 
> dig demo.domain.com @mydnsmasqserverip
> the reply is instead of the internal ip. If I restart dnsmasq then it 
> starts working as expected and returns the private ip.
> Is there a known issue? Did I do something wrong?
> thanks
> P.S. I don't know if it matters but I have an IPv6 associated to the same 
> address, and altough the reply is obviously the same I added the same 
> override for the ipv6 address

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