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Hi, Albert,

1. HAVE_BROKEN_RTC should be used for, well, broken RTCs. Here, we are
not dealing with broken RTC.

Root issue from original mail:
One of which acknowledges potential problem if the clock goes backwards...
As for me it's indeed broken RTC behavior, not?

not... what defines a "broken RTC"? the time can easily be set back during a NTP update... how far back can it be set before there's a problem? 1 millisecond? 1 hundredth of a second? 1 tenth of a second? 1 second?

case in point: recovering from Hurricane Matthew... three days without power... while bring up the network, several machines had reverted to their default time settings in the BIOS... on several of them, that was back in 2002... the people bringing the machines up set the BIOS time manually and allowed the boot to continue... on some machines, NTP syncing is run from cron at some time period... others use NTP and adjust the clock by drift... manually setting the time and then allowing NTP to set it more accurately can easily result in the clock being set back by NTP... we won't even mention the problem of setting the clock to local time and the machine using UTC so when NTP syncs, there can be a huge (4, 5, 6, 7, 8+) hour jump backwards...

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