I have some doubts and concerns regarding the dnsmasq.c function poll_resolv(). 
 As I understand the code, this function has a for loop that iterates through a 
linked list of resolv_files... and checks if any resolve file has changed. The 
latest variable is set to point to the file with the latest timestamp... in 
essence, which file changed last.  And for the latest file, reload_servers is 

First, I don't understand the scenario in which there may be multiple resolv 
files; when might this happen?

Secondly, I am concerned on what might happen if there is a failure to 
reload_servers?  The main loop of this function has picked only one file to 
reload from all in the list, but if reload_servers should fail to read this 
file, then it does not try to reload_servers() for any of the other files on 
the list that may have timestamps showing change.  And to the doubters, in my 
testing, I am seeing reload_server failed to read the /etc/resolv.conf file as 
it is in transition (being updated)... so a failure to find a server is 

I guess what I am concerned about the most is in the case of multiple resolv 
files.... a failure to reload_servers() could leave dnsmasq without any servers 
to use... even in the case where another resolv file might have legitimate 
server info but was skipped over because its timestamp was less than the latest.

This function seems a bit problematic. Perhaps I am missing something or just 
don't understand it correctly. Comments?



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