Hi All,

Still trying to figure this one out,  At this point, I don't think the issue is 
caused by time going backwards, although I am convinced that there are issues 
with dnsmasq when time does go backwards.  There is a lot of previous 
discussion on the backwards time issue.

What I am pursuing at the moment is the "retry later" that is supposed to occur 
after reload_servers() fails because the /etc/resolv.conf is being updated at 
the same time as dnsmasq is trying to read it.

One thing I have noticed is that dnsmasq does NOT call poll_resolv() very 
often.  I would expect that if retry later condition occurs, dnsmasq should be 
calling poll_resolv() frequently as nothing can really be done until the 
upstream dns server is identified.

Now for some questions:

The main while(1) loop uses select() to determine if it has work to do.  In 
most cases, it appears to use timeout of 0, which I believe means just wait 
indefinitely for work on the file descriptors.  Other times, it appears that 
the timeout is set to a quarter second when doing a tftp transfer or polling 
the dbus.

Now what concerns me is that when a "retry later" condition occurs, we may get 
stuck on the select() for a long period of time.  Alas, I do not know how 
frequent one might expect to see work arrive on the file descriptors that 
select is watching, so I don't really know if this is a long time or not.  It 
seems though that in this failure scenario, the poll_resolv() function does NOT 
get called very often at all.

My gut feeling is that there always needs to be a timeout on the select call as 
the poll_resolv() should be called fairly frequently.  The code that exists 
today where poll_resolv() normally is called from this loop suggests a poll 
rate of about once a second.  This definitely does not happen today.  By just 
adding a my_syslog() message to the top of poll_resolv(), it is very clear from 
the logfile that it is not called often, and way to infrequently to resolve the 
"retry later" condition in a timely manner.

Going forward, as the next thing for me to try, I am going to add a timeout for 
the select... perhaps a modest once a second or two.

But I would like to know what you all of think of this... does this make sense 
to do?  Is there ever a case where we might not get any work on the files 
select is monitoring for nearly an hour?  I am trying to make sense of this 


John Knight

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