Hi Kevin,

Reading the man page, I would expect the primary address is returned 
(localized) and  it acts just like any /etc/hosts entry. This would imply that 
this is a bug or oversight. 

    Return a DNS record associating the name with the __ primary address __ on 
the given interface. This flag specifies an A or AAAA record for the given name 
in the __ same way as an /etc/hosts line __, except that the address is not 
constant, but taken from the given interface

(I don't use router DNS that specifically, so I failed to test this detail 
before submitting to LEDE. )


> Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant Wed, 11 Jan 2017 10:24:34 -0800
> Hello All,
> Recently LEDE changed the way it allocates names to interfaces, 
> now using '-interface-name' rather than putting names in /etc/hosts or 
> similar.
> Unfortunately this new method appears incompatible with 'localise-queries' in 
> that all interfaces/aliases are included in the reply to 'nslookup hostname' 
> and
> not in a 'preferred local interface' order.
> Is this an oversight/feature/bug?
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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