The openwrt platform I'm using seems to support the ionotify feature( I believe that many openwrt platforms don't). The application I'm working on updates files in the addn-hosts and conf-dir daily. When this happens the dnsmasq process identifies that files have changed and automatically tries to reload/reread them(I understand because of the dnsmasq option polling). For some reason dnsmasq doesn't seem to reload/reread them well/properly. The reload process takes 5 minutes at very high cpu load on a reload/reread. Where if dnsmasq where just restarted it startups with in 10 seconds, while also loading the entries in the addn-hosts and conf-dir locations.

Question is: Is there a way to either turn off polling for just these specific addn-hosts and conf-dir locations while keeping the polling active to allow dnsmasq to watch /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf as normal?
Or to force a restart on file change vs a reload/reread as it does now?


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