Hi Albert,

2017-03-21 0:03 UTC+02.00, Albert ARIBAUD <albert.arib...@free.fr>:
> Source IP is not the same in both pcaps. 1st pcap queries and
> from, while 2nd pcap queries are from
> Can you clarify your network setup?
IP is differerent, but MAC is the same. I'm currently using Zyxel
router (pcap 1), because it's working. With TP-Link router (pcap 2) I
don't reach the Internet, because of the DNS problem.

So, I simply plugged my computer to different routers. In both cases
the router's DHCP server gave me IP and DNS addresses, Zyxel: and (its own address is TP-Link: and (its own address).

Possibly the problem with TP-Link depends on this behaviour
(forwarding DNS requests). (NAT routers typically allocate random
ports internally for forwarded requests.)

I might change Zyxel's setup so that it gives me its own address as
DNS, to see how it behaves in that situation. In TP-Link I have not
found a way to do the opposite.


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