On 08/04/17 17:33, Patryk Szczygłowski wrote:
> 2017-04-04 22:24 GMT+01:00 Simon Kelley <si...@thekelleys.org.uk>:
>> Which version of dnsmasq are you using? I just tested this domain using
>> the development code, and got the correct result.
> dnsmasq - 2.73-3
> This is the version currently distributed by Turris Omnia (openwrt-based).

2.73 is old and gnarly in DNSSEC terms - it's been a long, hard road to
get this right in dnsmasq. I believe that the most recent public release
- 2.76 should behave correctly in this case.

I be grateful if you could test that, as a check that my tests are valid.



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